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Dates:13 September - 12 October 2016

Venue:Exhibition Halls 1 and 3, Space 0, Audio Visual Room, Lecture Hall

Organizer: Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Arts

Co-organizers: School of Media of Nanjing University of Arts

Artists:    Rainer Schenk, Bo Lei, Cheng Chen, Duan Jianyu, Deng Biwen, Gao Lei, Hu Renyi, Huang Yishan, Jiang Xiaran, Jia Fang,Christian Philipp Mueller,Lin Xin, Liu Qianyi, Liu Ke, Liu Ying, Li Wei, Li Yu+Liu Bo, Liu Ruoyi, Ma Wenting, Peng Tao, Pu Yingwei, Su Shangzhou, Shambhavi Kaul, Shen Yang, Tan Xun, Wu Juehui, Wang Jun, Wang Yefeng, Xu Xiang, Xue Wenwen, Xiang Jianheng, Xiao Banruo, Yu Aijun, Ying Xinxun, Zheng Da, Zhang Yanfeng, Zhou Gang, Zhu Xi, Zhang Zhaoying, Zhang Qiushi, Zhang Xiaoyue

Art Director: Li Xiaoshan

Curator: Zheng Wen

Co-Curators: Ning Jia, Song Zhenxi, Shang Duan, Sheng Jin

Academic Committe:Hoshina Toyomi, DengGuoyuan, GregorSchneider,

Gu Xiong,Holger Felten, Hu Bin, Mao Yan, Pang Maokun, Wei Guangqing

Duration: 13 September - 12 October 2016

Venues: Exhibition Halls 1 and 3, Space 0, Audio Visual Room, Lecture Hall

Academies: Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg (Germany), Academy of Fine Arts in Munich (Germany), Ecole Nationale Supérieur des Beaux-Arts de Lyon(France), Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Guizhou University, South China Normal University, Hubei Institute of Fine Arts, Central China Normal University, Huaqiao University, Hubei TV & Radio & University, University of British Columbia (Canada), Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts, School of Visual Arts in New York (USA), Rhode Island College(USA), Duke University(USA), Nanjing University of the Arts, Nanjing University of Finance and Economics, Tokyo University of the Arts (Japan), Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Suzhou University of Science and Technology, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, Wuhan Polytechnic, University of the Arts London (UK), China Academy of Art, China Central Academy of Fine Arts.

Designer :Gao Ya

Translator:Zhang Zhao

Assistant:Yao Mengjia  Xing Yuanjia  Wang Chao  Ding Hanyu

Media:Liu Ting, Luo Xi, Chen Zheng

Exhibit:Qu Jun,  Xu Xuanlu, Wang Tingjie

Public Education:Xuan Wenling, Xu Le, Li Li

Coordinator:Mao Chunhai, Wang Yun, Wen Xia


Threshold Frequency: 2016 AMNUA Academies Project is a major exhibition and academic project of AMNUA. The curator of this project is Mr. Zheng Wen, Assistant Director of AMNUA and Head of its Academic Department. The project addresses the macro ecology of art and at the same time continuously focuses on the latest trends and experimental directions in global art institutions. The Project has successfully organized its first event "Time Zone 2012-2013" in the year 2013.

Unlike the long-standing stereotypes of China's "streams of academies", AMNUA Academies Project lays its attention on all kinds of "atypical" cases in the established academies from the very beginning. It follows and supports insightful, experimental and forward-looking artists. It even includes some widely acknowledged and very experienced artists in the project. The exhibition this year features artists coming mainly from young teachers of art institutions in China and abroad. Most of them have experiences of studying and living in different countries and at more than one institution. They are the new generation of artistic forces grown up in the global village. The brand new horizons and knowledge structures of them changed the outlook of contemporary Chinese art to certain extent. This force is also endeavoring to touch the fundamental issues in art creation in a more profound level.

Threshold Frequency is the second year event of the AMNUA Academies Project. It is going to broaden the vision further to international art academies. The curator spent the last two years visiting established art institutions in many regions in Europe, North America and East Asia. The theme "Threshold Frequency" is a borrowed term from physics, referring to the minimum frequency needed for the photon to be able to trigger a photoelectric effect in metal. The scientific definition is borrowed to give the current situation of art teaching and experimentation in the new millennium an imagery description. The exhibition emphasizes on the discussion of the triggering effect of new materials, technological means and new media upon artistic experiments, the construction of sensitive perceptions and knowledge circuits in contemporary artistic experiments and the human spiritual landscape under the influence of virtual reality and globalized network. The exhibition consists of 5 thematic sections: "photoelectric effect", "Run! Academy, run!", "BIT Prosthesis", "Information Rangers" and "Poetry in our World". It will also include a thematic video art presentation "Wall Jumping" and several projects of artists' labs, public lectures and forums.