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Abstract Art of Pan Qiqun



Abstract Art of Pan Qiqun

  Artist Pan Qiqun living in American more than 30 years brings us his amazing works, which will be exhibited on 12th March, 2014, in AMNUA. His aesthetic and magnificent abstract paintings have already been renowned in North America. This exhibition is not only a return of the

  heart for the artist, but also a return trip of oriental culture.

  The artistic style of Pan Qiqun is very unique.  He has accept full and multiple education and training of the art.  His style is a combination of abstract expressionism ,hard edge, traditional chinese are ,western and eastern art.  Except those, nature is also an important factor of Pan’s art.Infiuencing by chinese traditional culture,Pan’s works express the endless change.  The morden art which originated from west contains chinese traditional spirit.  To our excitement, we can see the similarity of different culture and we understand that the similarity of culture is wider than difference.

  Outstanding abstract works has a common place which can trigger the audiences’ abilities of imagination.We can imagine specific and graceful things,for example,the collision of the nebula , texture of the rocks ect.  From Pan’s works,we can feel the great power of the nature.Everything is flowing and the colors is very intangible.  In a sence, his works have become nature itself.

  Pan Qiqun once participated in the important international exhibitions including a series of international art exhibition in the 90s , his works have been shown with the world famous masters such as David?Hockney、Roy???Liechtenstein、Francis?Bacon、Joseph?Jones etc. he gots animous praise from audiences and critics for his exhibition in American mainstream galleries and his works were wide collected by collectors. It’s a matter worth of joy that we are lucky to be able to watch Pan Qiqun’s solo in AMUNA, this makes us enjoy direct dialogue between eastern and western aesthetics from plenty of Pan Qiqun’s abstract works.

  Dates: 12/03/2014-25/03/2014


  Opening Ceremony:15:00,12/03/2014