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Garden of Bifurcated Trails - Dialogue with Chen Qi

Dates:12/28/2018 3:30-5:30pm
Venue:Lecture Hall, AMNUA

The lecture "Garden of Bifurcated Trails - Dialogue with Chen Qi", co-sponsored by AMNUA and Deji Art Museum, will be held in the Lecutre Hall of AMNUA and will be broadcast live online at the same time. 

The lecture was hosted by Zheng Wen, deputy curator of AMNUA. In the "Garden of Bifurcated Path" of Borges, Zheng Wen interpreted the origin of "Chen Qi Gezhi: An Experimentation of Display and Understanding" and led a conversationbetween Chen Qi and Wu Liyan.

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Work of Chen Qi

Dance of Lotus Woodblock Print 

139.5cm×147cm, 1999