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Garden of Muse

Dates: 2015-3-28
Venue:Public Space, 2F of AMNUA

"Enjoy the natural flower art under the dome , you flower friends will bloom with you in March, and be together to wait for April that we want."

Activity Theme: "Garden of Muse,the flower art salon"

Activity time: 5:00p.m, 2015.3.28

Location: Public Space, 2F of AMNUA

Speaker: Chen Wan

Chen graduated from Japanese Waseda University, and her major was literature , studying the Japanese flower art history, especially Chifang and Xiaoyuanliu. She is a senior graduated student of the Netherlands Bulma Floral, a designer of flower art space,and has six years of experience in flower arranging, three years of teaching practice.

Sharon content:

Section one: Annie, the flower art teacher, shows the diversity of floral design, tell the application of floral design.

Section two: Annie, the professional flower art teacher , teaches audience to make productions of screw in hand.

Partner: Yuwanju flower art workshop